OBADIAH ALEXANDER JOHNSON Dr. Obadiah Alexander Johnson (1849-1920) was a Sierra Leonean who spent the latter part of his medical career in Lagos where he eventually became one of the foremost medical practitioners in the city. It was mainly due to his initiative that a science faculty was inaugurated at Fourah Bay College.  He was […]


HUGHES, W. William Hughes (18?-1898) was the first African to be appointed as assistant district commissioner when the interior of Sierra Leone was declared a British Protectorate under the leadership of Governor Frederic Cardew (q.v.). A Krio (Creole) police clerk, Hughe’s appointment was an unusual one. Governor Cardew, an ex-Indian Army colonel, generally appointed officers […]


Julius Gulama

JULIUS GULAMA Julius Gulama (1893-March 8, 1951) was a paramount chief of Kaiyimba in Moyamba district who played a prominent part in developing education and political awareness among the people of the Protectorate, in the last decade before independence. He was one of the main forces behind the formation of the Sierra Leone People’s Party […]


Foday Tarawaly

FODAY TARAWALY Foday Tarawaly (circa 1780s-1880s), chief of Gbile (Billeh), a town on the Great Scarcies River,  opposite Kambia, in northern Sierra Leone, was an Islamic scholar, who founded centre of Koranic learning which flourished from the middle of the 19th century until 1875. He was born in the Morea Soso country in the Northern […]


FRANCIS FAWUNDU Francis Fawundu (18? – circa 1920) was ruler of Mano Gbonjeima, a chiefdom near the coast in southern Sierra Leone from 1893 – 1898 and from 1899 – 1914. He was the son of Sengbe Fawundu, who was chief of Mano before him. Francis himself was educated at one of the Mende mission […]