BOKARI Almamy Kandeh Bokari (18-1880s) was ruler of the Soso state of Morea, today divided between the Republic of Ghana and Sierra Leone. He was one of the most powerful political personalities in the northern Sierra leone area during the latter half of the 19th century. From the 1850s he figured prominently in political disputes, […]


BILALI Bilali (circa 1810-1880s) also known as Mori Lamina, was the ruler of Tonko Limba in Sierra Leone. He was born to servile status among the Soso, but subsequently became an independent ruler in Limba country. He was the son of a Karonko slave woman, and of Mori shake, one of the Soso rulers of […]


SIR SALAKO AMBROSIUS BENKA-COKER Sir Salako Ambrosius Benka-Coker (June 16, 1900-December 7, 1965) was the first Sierra Leonean to become Chief Justice, serving from 1960 to 1963. The son of Ambrose Benka-Coker, a civil servant who had worked in Nigeria, Salako was educated first at the Church Missionary Society(C.M.S.) Grammar School. He entered Fourah Bay […]


Ernest Samuel Beoku-Betts

BEOKU-BETTS, E.S. Ernest Samuel Beoku-Betts (March 15,1895-september 23,1957) was one of the most outstanding Krio (Creole) liberals of his time. As one of the first three Africans to be elected to the Legislative Council of Sierra Leone in 1924, he served as the urban member until 1927, when he became its vice-president. He was the […]



JOHN JOSEPH AKAR John Joseph Akar (May 20, 1927 – June 23,1975) was a broadcaster, short-story writer, actor, playwright, journalist and, finally, diplomat. He was born at Rotifunk, 64 km (40 mi) east- southeast of Freetown. His father, Joseph Philip Akar, was a Fransco–Lebanese, born in Rufisque, Senegal, who had eventually settled in Sierra Leone. […]