ALIMANY SATTAN LAHAI Alimany Sattan Lahai (who flourished in the 19th century), one of the most astute political leaders in northern Sierra Leone in his day, was ruler over a large area round the Great Scarcies River. Throughout his rule this important trading centre was embroiled in almost continuous political warfare. His father was Soso, […]


SARA BAYO Sara Bayo (circa late 19th-early 20th century) was chief of Katimbo in northern Sierra Leone at the time of invasions by the Sofa, warriors of the conquering Mandinka emperor, Samori Touré. By a lucky stroke of fortune, his territories were spared the worst of the invaders’ attacks. He was born at Katimbo, in […]


MADAM YOKO Madam Yoko (circa 1849 – August 1906) was a fascinating and impressive woman who eventually became ruler of the Kpaa-Mende state. Famed for her beautiful dancing, she became the foremost trainer of girls of ruling families in the initiation rites for the Sande women’s secret society. Succeeding to the chiefdom of Senehun after […]


DR. ERNEST JENNER WRIGHT Dr. Ernest Jenner Wright (1892 – December 29,1955) was one of the most distinguished members of the British Colonial Medical Service, and one of the foremost African physicians in medical research of that century. He was the first to draw attention to certain diseases due to malnutrition in Africans in general, […]