SOLIMANGA SAMURA Solimanga Samura (who flourished in about the 17th century) was a warrior traditionally famous for his enormous stature. He was believed by the Yalunka Samura of northern Sierra Leone and the Republic of Guinea to be the founder of their clan. Originally called Dantili Samura, he is said to have been a Mandinka […]


BARNABAS ROOT Barnabas Root (1846-1877) was a Sherbro who received Western education at the Mende Mission school. He went on to study divinity in the United States and became one of a rare group of Africans who took up missionary posts among freedmen in the States. Born in the Sherbro country, Barnabas was taken at […]


NDAWA THE GREAT Ndawa the Great (circa 1850 – July 1888) was one of the most formidable Mende warriors of the 19th century. He waged many campaigns, some in support of allies, but in later life largely as a mercenary and freebooter. He was born about 1850 at Manjolu in present – day Kpejewa chiefdom […]